Simon Trought

Simon is the recordist and producer who founded Soup Studios. He can sometimes be found tinkering in the back of some old Hi-Fi equipment but is usually at the studio cooking up audio delicacies.

To contact Simon regarding production, recording, mixing and mastering, get in touch via email at:


Here is a selection of my recent productions and a few words about them:


A couple of tracks from Grifter Kid and the Midnight Raiders, a recent artistic highlight. I love their lyrics and carefree approach to making music., check out their musings regarding 'the spirit of the song'.

'Loneliest Girl’ speaks for itself, simply just a beautiful song. I'm a big fan of Nina Simone's recordings and it was a joy to record in this manner.

For both these tracks the singing was recorded live with the band all in the same room, directly to tape.
In that moment, everyone was engaging with each other, led by the voice and the song, with no distractions and NO CLICK TRACK. The songs move and sway like they should.

Plenty of overdub fun including some sublime piano playing and a second drum kit, which acts as a counter rhythm percussion part,  captured with just two mics and bloated out by the Drawmer 1960

I love the boldness at the end of Stuff Brewing. We mixed the overdubbed fuzz guitar solo so high into the master limiter that for a few moments, it pushes the rest of the band down under it's massive atonal boot. A real 'hairs on the back of your neck’ moment which for me is what I enjoy about producing music, encouraging those happy accidents and one off moments, imperfections and all, even at the cost of some sonic fidelity or ‘correctness’.

The Wave Pictures. Just an incredible band. The sessions for the City Forgiveness album were so much fun and we ended up with a great sounding record. Lots of guest musicians gave the record a lovely party feel. This one's a real Velvet's chugger and even Lou Reed himself would be proud of those guitar tones i'm sure.

During the recording sessions for Sillion, Johnny brought in a flexi-disk of a wax cylinder recording he'd recorded the night before to be digitised. I loved the recording and cajoled the band into tracking parts over it with the intention of having the mix phase in between the old and new. The finished result reminds me of The Beatles 'Across The Universe', dreamy and psychedelic, like drifting in and out of a lucid dream.

I'll always have a soft spot for a grimy indie garage band. Goldblooms certainly scratch that itch for me when they come in. I love the grainy sound we got on the vocals and the impact of the drums when they thunder in gets me every time.

A Clay Hammond cover and the result of a long standing urge to record some proper old school soul - Otis style. Some friends from Cowbell and Treetop Flyers got together and worked up the song and we went for it. Reid (Treetop Flyers) sang this killer vocal live with the band playing around him in the room. Totally insane! Watch this would be rude not to record some more right?

From the album 'Babe Please Set your Alarm' which was recently awarded IBBA's album of the month. Well deserved as it's a cracking record.

One of our intentions during the recording was to constantly monitor just the room mics to make sure they we're capturing a well balanced representation of the song and adjusting amps and band members accordingly. This method results in a very naturalistic sound and lets you mix the close mics into the room mics rather than the other way around. I really feel like I'm in the room with them when i listen to it. Again, the vocals were tracked live with the band in the same room so what was coming out of my speakers as it went to tape is exactly what you hear on the record. As a recordist this is one of those occasions when you sit there and feel honoured to witness insanely good music being captured.